Our range of services are from web application solutions, system administration services, enterprise applications, and business intelligence solutions to a simple website for your pymes. We keep services up to date, and are always innovating. SoftNet uses the latest trends in the market, and provide our customers power to their business, while offering the best quality for the web applications and systems.

Services List

  • Web Applications Development
  • Mobile Apps Development
  • Web Design / Web Development
  • SoftNet Finances
  • Web Hosting
  • Domain Registration
  • Business Intelligence
  • Pentaho Data Integration (PDI)
  • Data warehouse
  • Applications Integration
  • Maintenance and Support
  • WebSite for Real Estate
  • Linux and Windows Support
  • Domain Renewal
  • Transfer Domains
  • Extract Transform and Load process (ETL)
  • Pentaho Dashboard
  • BI Platform


Between knowledge and skill that we have are: GNU/Linux, Unix, Mac OSX, iOS, Android, Apache, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Samba, Networking, NAS/SAN, PHP, Swift, Xcode, NetBeans, PyCharm, Laravel, Nodejs, Django, Ruby on Rails, Python, MVC Pattern, REST API, OOP, XHTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Backbone, Mootools, SVN, Git, Mercurial, Joomla, WordPress, CodeIgniter, Symfony, Yii Framework, Pentaho, Pentaho Data Integration (PDI), Extract Transform and Load process (ETL / Kettle), Pentaho Dashboard, Data warehouse.

Develop solutions that rise to meet all business needs or improve existing systems.

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